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Pat Gwinn
Pat Gwinn
10:00pm - 12:00am
The Soul Vault

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I like them all!


Listener Comments

Marycarol selected I like them all!

Our "go-to" radio station for top 40 hits in Southeast NC!

Kim Bovino selected 70s

Love the music you play. Sundays not too great.

jeff stofko selected I like them all!

I gave up tired of same old repeat music on all stations. This one now is my #1 for my generation music. Keep it up...keep the new and fresh mixes coming too. Love you guys.

lynn selected 50s/Doo-Wop

love the oldies which are becoming harder to find. thank you for playing them for us!

Richard Cranford selected I like them all!

Love it all. Makes me feel like I’m at beach all the time!

Gail Carpenter selected I like them all!

Love the songs you play, especially when i hear one i had not heard in ages

Lee Blackman selected 50s/Doo-Wop

Music is outstanding, many thanks.

Kim Bovino selected 70s

You don’t just play music, you play memories. Thank you. Keep it up!! ?? it.

Carroll Smiley selected 60s

Good music with less chater.... Rotation is great ....Wish your over the air signal reached Florence

Kim Bovino selected 70s

Love this station. I even listen when I’m out of state. You play the best music! Thank you.

Yvonne Stevens selected 60s

Love it~~~~~

Mark Schmitt selected 60s

I listen to the Midday Cafe everyday. All the music sounds great. I have been listening for over a year now and I haven't heard a bad tune yet.

Shirley selected I like them all!

this is the only station I have on my radio for my car and wakeup alarm.

Sharon P selected I like them all!

My favorite is oldies. You all are the best station in Conway

Cindy selected I like them all!

Recent discovered your station, we love it! We have been listening to it every day all day, even over Sirius XM. Thank you for the great music mix.

Michael Howard selected 70s

I’m a huge fan of Chicago, ELO, Stephen Bishop, The Midnight Special on TV in Friday nights, etc.! What a great decade!

Carolyn Costello-Prevatt selected I like them all!

I'm new to the area and this is the BEST radio station ever! I know all the songs. What a breath of fresh air. I moved here from Charlotte and listened to a station there but this is soooo much better. Thank you!

Thomas Augustine selected I like them all!

I love the oldies I grew up on them

Anonymous selected 50s/Doo-Wop

Janet teh selected 50s/Doo-Wop

love all music

John A.Belott ( Jukebox John) selected 50s/Doo-Wop

John. Geeting selected I like them all!

Grew up, listening to this music and was an amateur DJ doing parties and proms when I was a young teenager brings back some good memories

Richard Hojnowski selected I like them all!

I recently discovered this station while in Myrtle Beach. It is SOOOOO PERFECT and makes me very happy as an older person that can hear the great songs from my years past. My wife and I are hooked, it is the need to touch the station changer anymore. THANKs !!!!

Angie selected 70s

Love your station great mix great music ??

jim viegil selected I like them all!

listen everyday every moment. your songs bring back great memories
and. ontinue to keep the talking and newd to a minimum

Anonymous selected 60s

Eleanor J Gallant selected I like them all!

ILove,Love,Love your station. It's the first thing I turn on in the a.m. and the last thing I turn off every nite. No lie! ????

Larry selected I like them all!

Great station to listen to....

Donna selected I like them all!

I am loving this Station since the start... Keep up the good work...Love Bob in the AM

Sandy Welch selected I like them all!

Love your station

Pamela Bacon selected I like them all!

I enjoy listening to your station. I work in a Radiation oncology office and we play your station in our lobby and our patients ask all the time the station name so they can get it in their car and home. It makes them feel happy.

Julie Johnson selected 70s

We listen to your station every morning on the way to school

Donna Vickery selected 70s

I just LOVE your station. I find myself singing along to songs I haven't heard in many, many moons and remembering the words. It never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the good work!!!!

James selected 60s

Great Programming,! the other stations play long commercials over and overall day. and the same pre recorded songs!

Susan Adkins selected 80s

Just moved to the area. Enjoying your station. Thanks for the great music ????????

Erin selected I like them all!

I glad I found y’all on iHeart Radio my dad grow up on these oldies and I listen to them when I was little and it very cool y’all have a station here Y’ALL ROCK!

Emelio selected I like them all!

I listen to your Sation here in New Jersey on My Computer. Enjoy listening .

Donna Nemchick selected I like them all!

Rocking Good time at 70s party in Cherry Grove at Roca Roja thanks for the fantastic music and a great time!!! Thanks Bob V. And Friends!

Lacy Allen selected I like them all!

I love your radio station!!! You play the best music!!!! I love that you have a live person that announces the singers and songs. So many stations these days mostly play recorded playlists.

Dave Daigle selected 70s

I wouldn’t change a thing! I’ve never listened to a radio station that brings me back to my youth the way yours does. Best part about it is I just happened to stop on 93.9.
Been listening to it ever since.

Patty Sallee selected I like them all!

Love your station! Listening daily all the way from California!

Irene Gross selected 70s

Love your station!

Tammy Hewett selected I like them all!

Great station

Victor selected I like them all!

I love this station

Mike Griffith selected 70s

Listening in Irving Texas

Mark Murphy selected I like them all!

Love your mix. New listener I set your station on all of my radios.

Lisa Marsh selected I like them all!

Love the “ time to turn so you don’t burn”!!!

Gary Earnhardt selected 70s

Love 93.9. As a typical male I was channel surfing and came across this great radio station.

Bill Linquist selected I like them all!

Really enjoy your song selection. Initially listened to another station whose mantra was "Greatest hits of all time". Sent an email stating how could you advertise that when you totally disregard the 50s and nothing from the British Invasion! Found you and have been a faithful listener ever since. Keep up the good work.

Carroll Smiley selected I like them all!

Variety Format is Great mix of tempo of mix all years

Angela clarkwilliams selected I like them all!

Love your station!??

Daniel P Wilson selected I like them all!

You guys are the best, such a welcome sound on the radio! Driving to and from work is a breeze as Carolina Gold is locked in on my radio dial!

Pam selected I like them all!

Best radio music. So glad I found you

David selected 60s

The 60's had the best music bar none! Beatles, Elvis, Motown, the British Invasion and Bubblegum. Something for everyone!

John Sheehan selected 70s

This station has the best music mix and great talent. So happy you are in the grand strand!!

Kenny selected I like them all!

I am a new listener but ,I promise to tell everyone I come in contact about 93.9. I am in Myrtle Beach

Kenny selected I like them all!

Love the music
Best on all the beaches

Bill Linquist selected I like them all!

Used to listen to a local station whose mantra was that they played the greatest hits of all time. So called them on this boast saying they failed to play ANYTHING from the 50s or 60s. Consistently played some songs I have never heard. Their response was less than satisfactory. Really enjoy your format!

Leslie Crownover selected I like them all!

Just moved to Longs, last week. I found this station and I was thrilled! Great station that is preset, permanently! Love it ??

Sal Coluccio selected I like them all!

Your station has a great variety of music and became my number one listening station. Thank you.

Sherri Weems selected 70s

Keep those hits coming! Great job.

Robert Watson selected I like them all!

I think you guys are doing a wonderful job and have really made some great improvements since coming on the air. Sorry about your loss in the fire a few months ago, but so glad you bounced back. Carolina Gold is the closest station we have to being a full service broadcaster in Myrtle Beach.

Daniel P Wilson selected 70s

Just love your mix, brings back great memories!

Rebeccah Rainey selected I like them all!

Been fixing up a house down in Cherry Grove and love listening to your station! My mom recently passed away from breast cancer in January and so many songs remind me of her because we would always listen to a lot of 70s light rock when I was growing up. Makes me so happy listening along!

Cathy Grasso selected I like them all!

I have listened to Pat and I love the station lived at beach for years so beach music is one of my absolute favorites.

Bebe Bryan selected 70s

Love Chicago! & Blood Sweat & Tears

Glenn Regg selected I like them all!

I'm 67 years young and I grew up listening to ALL these years of magical music.I also enjoy the little tidbits behind the music and the artists that made them.Keep digging up and playing more"golden oldies"! Did Bob Vee have a"golden oldie"in the 60's,or was that a different Bobby Vee? Thanx.

Anonymous selected 50s/Doo-Wop

Donna Nemchick selected I like them all!

I really enjoy listening to Carolina Gold and thanks for ALL the great Oldies you guys dig up!

Kim Bovino selected 60s

I Love this station. ?? You play songs we can cruise the beach while listening. Fantastic music.

Mark Schmitt selected I like them all!

your selection of music from the Golden age of Rock-N-Roll is fantastic. Sounds great in Holden Beach.

Desmond F. Flynn selected I like them all!

Pls keep on playin this great music. Listen often as I can.

Hew Rivera selected I like them all!

Fantastic station with the best music.

Ed Macri selected I like them all!

I was reluctant to listen when I heard of you. Then I did give a listen and enjoyed the music. You play the songs most songs of vintage music never play. The 60’s was a prolific time . Thanks for playing some of the lesser hits.

Mary Beth selected 60s

Late 50's & early 60's take me back to high school days!

Jc selected I like them all!

Im so glad I found you i was going nuts before keep up the great work ????

Kim Bovino selected 60s

Love this station you play the best songs. Lots I haven’t heard in a long time. I listen all day long. ??

Linda Johnson selected 60s

Love Love Love this station ??

Debra Acosta selected I like them all!

I LOVE 93.9 !! Just moved here from NJ and so delighted with this station!! Wahoo ??????

james virgil selected I like them all!

i can sing to all your songs. Love your station Thank you

Robin Geller selected 50s/Doo-Wop

I enjoy listening to all your choices. It's nice to see what song decade comes next after each song.

David Deaver selected I like them all!

Love it . Thank you for being there . Am telling my friends . I work @ Odell Williams Auditorium. I use your radio station for back ground music .

Peter Goodman selected 60s

jerry selected 70s

love your format,, you are our #1 station

thomas rhoads selected 60s

I enjoy your variety of music,good song selection

Jc selected I like them all!

About time there a great radio station to listen to,, thank you..

Brad France-Kelly selected 70s

Love your station!! I use to listen to that Robert FM station..... but NEVER again. Keep up the great work. - Brad

jim virgil selected 60s

i go to bed listening and singing to your great station and i waje up to your great music God bless you for all that you do and play. There is no better station

Anonymous selected 50s/Doo-Wop

John Cross selected 60s

Best decade in music ever. Love the 60s music played here. Always a great mix of all the sounds I grew up with.

Chris Noonan selected I like them all!

Great to have the best 60-70 mix back !! Add the aired date and we'll be all set !!

Isaac Casselman selected I like them all!

Been listening to this station for a while now and have really been liking the selection of music y’all play. Sorry to hear about the studio. That’s really tragic and I’m sure it’s been stressful. Stay optimistic and hang in there. Peace and love.

John. Geeting selected I like them all!

I’m happy to have an oldies station- love to hear the music I grew up with

Jeff Hartney selected 70s

I live in Wilmington NC and was so excited to find you guys on 106.3! My new favorite radio station

John Walter selected 60s

I found your station while up in NJ on I hart radio now set on all my radios back home here in loris .


I just moved from New York to Loris South Carolina and we had some of the best all the stations in New York., However until I came here and heard Carolina gold it makes me rethink who has the best oldies station and I would have to say Carolina gold it’s continuous oldies that makes me go back to the 60s and remember all the good songs that were out then and even some of the songs I forgotten and it was good to hear keep up the good work guys awesome station

Garro selected 80s

Good luck with your studio rebuild.

jim virgil selected I like them all!

you are only station i listen to now. glad you changed the format and no silly djs talking about nonsense like all of the other stations
Thank you!!!

Greg selected I like them all!


Leonard Buonaiuto selected 60s

Awesome oldies

Norman Staples selected I like them all!

Visiting here for the current month, love your music format

Thomas Cabanaw selected I like them all!

Keeps my vibes right where I need them golden.

Mark J Berthiaume selected I like them all!

LOVE all the music. Not many commercials. I can't think of anything I don't like

Angela Verdonik selected I like them all!

The memories of each song are so pleasant.

Toni Titone selected 60s

I love this station!! It is so nice to sing along in the car and at home! Thank you for starting this station

Alan Hilburn selected I like them all!

Great music, listen all time!

jim virgil selected 70s

Love every minute of you all
Songs i can sing to

Paula kellums selected I like them all!

Love this station! Awesome

Alice McDonough selected 70s

Love this station!

Michael Sokolik Jr selected 50s/Doo-Wop

I love Elvis. Buddy Holly. Johnny Cash. Jerry Lee Lewis. Wanda Jackson. Ray Charles. All the good stuff. I’m 32 years old. I love your station. I cannot get enough of the 50s and early 60s. I actually cancelled Sirius XM because of your new station. Keep rockin!

gary mcdonald selected I like them all!

I am SO glad you are transmitting at 106.3- I had not been able to pick up the station at 93.9 clearly. This is a GREAT station!

Priscilla Asbury selected I like them all!

I just love your station , as for my favorite decade of music, I would have to say 60’s, but I think about like this, one fed off of the other. It’s all apart of the progression and history of music.

Chyrli Brinkle selected 60s

Angela Verdonik selected I like them all!

I have three older siblings and two younger, so my music range is from to 50's to the 80's. Exactly what you play. Love it.

kim meyers selected 80s

the 80s was when i could go to the bars and dance all nite to the music! But I love to listen to every decade it brings back sweet memories!

Bennie Oakes selected 70s

Love this station

Anonymous selected 60s

Robbie Rouse selected I like them all!

I really love this station, especially Pat Gwinn at the Beach show! Keep up the great work!

Steven McCarthy selected I like them all!

Peggy Sue & I dance in the house all day listening to this great station we found.

Anonymous selected 60s

Jim Lane selected I like them all!

Pudgie Delohery selected I like them all!

Love this station! Worked in radio for 32 years in CT and loved Scott Shannon! This is the closest I've found to good radio here!

Bob Keller selected 70s

Great Music - Thanks!

Spencer Sikder selected I like them all!

This station has made my transition into the area extremely enjoyable.

roger beavers selected 60s

Hannah McIntyre selected 70s

Id love to hear some Andy Gibb!! I am Beyond happy that I came across this radio station! I may be only 21 but this music truly hits home!! I definitely was born in the wrong generation!!

Tim selected 60s

This station is my life. Literally. I'm 61 (that's 12 Dave Clark Fives and 1 Badfinger) and you pretty much got it covered. I found you by accident, scanning the dial on the road. I landed on Petula Clark singing "Downtown" and said, "I'm Home." Please keep doing what you do.

Jim Glazier selected I like them all!

Greatest music in the area! Hope you will be here for a very long time Thanks for the memories..

Doug Carter selected 60s

Thanks for the program change to great music!

katy selected 70s

Karla Gunter selected I like them all!

When I was a child this was the music my mother played. As a teen I broadened my spectrum of music and would never listen to the “old folks stuff”! Now as a 45 year old adult I miss these songs so much! So happy to find a station playing songs that I grew up listening to. ??????

Michael M Kaller III selected 60s

I like the memories you station take me to

Janice DeAngelis selected 70s

I absolutely love this station. I have looked for a station to cover this period of time for years. And I am so happy I found you thank you for the wonderful music you play in the entertainment you provide.

cecil chandler selected 60s

Brent Davidson selected 50s/Doo-Wop

Just a word to say we really enjoy the older songs you play on 93.9 We have 3 radios located throughout our home turned on to your station and we're able to listen to "Gold" anywhere we are. Thank you for playing our favorite songs. Keep it going please. Thank you.

Brenda Hogan selected 50s/Doo-Wop

50’s and 60’s! Ben E King Stand by Me??My favorite! I just found you today by accident looking for
Good songs! There your were!106.3????thank you!????

Shorty Caison selected I like them all!

I really like your format, I have Sirius XM in my truck but I rarely listen to it since I discovered 106.3. Keep the good music coming.

Deborah Sweezy selected I like them all!

Sooooo glad I found this station. Lover hearing the oldies, many that are seldom played and are from that era.

Frank Zimmerman selected I like them all!

Keep up the great work. Listen every day up here in Calabash, NC and at work at Sea Trail Golf Course. Love all the music!

Hew Rivera selected 60s

Finally, great music back on the Strand. Thank You.

Tj Andrews selected 50s/Doo-Wop

This is the best Oldies station since Dick Clark's American Bandstand and The Wolfman Jack Show. Would love to hear more of that Oldie But Goodie's vibe. Great Music and love Joanna Campbell....

Jack auger selected 60s

Great music!!!

Sam conte selected 60s

We really enjoy this radio station. Keep up the good work. We have enjoyed songs we haven't heard in years.

Ken Betts selected I like them all!

I just found 93.9 oldies recently and loved it right away, it was missing in the area, 94.9 plays unknown music a lot, i like the hits that stood the test of time

jim virgil selected 70s

Thank you very much. Your station is the greatest. All the songs i can sing to and spontaneously dance to with my wife. You bring back great memories, from a simpler time. I only listen to you 24/7.
Keep up the wonderful work. Love steve mann and wolfman jack
i was beside myself when i heard sweetpea and Billy dont be a hero. all great classics. Live you. Thanks

William Gurkin selected I like them all!

I love the all new Carolina Gold 93.9. Thank you so much for bringing the fun and excitement back to Myrtle Beach Radio. Please let Carolina Gold 93.9 stay on the radio for decades to come.

jeffrey norton selected 60s

i love the new station,cant stop listening. just need to play more 50s and less 80s..ya'll are the best. J

Thomas Oleary selected I like them all!

Keep up the GREAT sounds.

Larry Cook selected I like them all!

Love this Station!!!!!!!!!!

Deb Browning selected I like them all!

I love Gold Happy Hour with Pat!

WEBPRO selected 70s

Love listening to Gold Happy Hour with Pat Gwinn

mike selected I like them all!

Fantastic playlist, best I've ever heard. I listen at least 10 hrs a day. Keep up the good work.

Rick selected I like them all!

Keep doing what you're doing, it sounds great

Anonymous selected 70s

codger selected 50s/Doo-Wop

Tom O’Dare selected 70s

The absolute best variety I have heard on a station!!

Anonymous selected 60s

andy selected 70s

Anonymous selected 80s

Anonymous selected 50s/Doo-Wop

Anonymous selected I like them all!

Anonymous selected 60s

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